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Testing user FAQ

What does the test involve?

You will be asked to read some instructions and complete task on a website, this session will be recorded, your screen and audio will be saved. It typcically takes about 15 minutes

Who qualify for this test?

Anybody with an Internet connection and a microphone, we accept a good variety of users from many locations and many different profiles

How long does a test take?

About 15 minutes

How much i get paid?

You will get paid 10$ for each test

How do you pay me?

We will send you a payment via "PAYPAL"

How do i get contacted?

You will get an email from us when we need you to complete a task

How many test can i expect to do?

This opportunity is very popular! Getting paid 10$ for just a few minutes, many testers want that and statisticaly, they are less customers than testers. So you can not expect to do a test per day. It will depend about your profile as some company needs specific tester profile. But being on the target profile, you can be invited to do a few test per months !

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