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How does the usability test work?

You simply ask us what task you want our users to perform (ex: purchasing online, find a specific information about a product ... etc ) and you will be able to see a narrated video from users.

How long does it take to get the video?

Depending on the demographic profile you are requesting, it usualy take around 48 hours to deliver the results.

What task should i ask the users to complete?

We suggest to define a main objective about your site. Set tasks that are essential to the new site's success, such as Buying products, Paying bills, getting specific informations about your products and services

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

Definitively, We guarantee our work and if you feel the test results didn't provide you valuable information, we will refund you!

Who are your users?

We have a large panel of users, especialy from north america ( but also in Europe and other parts of world), they have various age, educational level & computer skills

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